3D rendering & VR services

Your plans will come to life as our cutting-edge 3D design software enables you to immerse yourself in a realistic 360° visualisation of your project. 

Aimed as an off-the-plan sales tool as well as a design aid for interior design, our 360° Tours are designed to place the viewer into an immersive environment to create a level of realism and perspective unable to be achieved by simply viewing traditional 2D floor plans. Our in-house software allows for exact product specifications to be re modelled and enhanced into a realistic 360° environment.

Once the 3D renders have been modelled, they are then meshed together within our software application and finally integrated into the gyro functionality of any smart device or virtual reality goggles, creating a realistic perspective. The viewer is then able to select the key viewpoints placed around the interior and exterior of each property to create a realistic 360° Tour as if it physically exists.

Rendered 360° Tours


The realistic 360° Tours are aimed at post build content, where physical layout of the property can be captured using our state of the art 360° cameras. This is done by capturing current images of a dwelling and merging a seamless transition throughout the entire area, giving the viewer the perception of physically being in the space, simply by tapping a screen on any smart device. Product specifications can be uploaded into the Realistic 360° Tours allowing for identification tags, specification sheets and online shopping to be integrated with a single click.

Realistic 360° Tours


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Below is a summary of how our skilled industry design experts use our unique software development (Viara) to refine and bring your design to life:

3D Modelling

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Our capabilities run further than 3D rendering. We specialise in modelling and creating realistic, premium quality 3D Animation Videos. We are able to achieve a premium grade quality through our in-house software by allowing the viewer to observe up to 32 still 3D renders displayed per second and all merged together past the point to which human vision can separate the images.  Our technicians specialise in not just 3D modelling, but also in animations, allowing a realistic effect to be created into each scenario. Including effects such as human and animal movement, breeze and pollen in the air, branches swaying in the wind, fire burning in a fireplace or even moving cars.

3D Animation Videos

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3D Still renders are essentially a snapshot of our signature 360° Tours and 3D Animation Videos. Once selected the panoramic frame can be frozen and a high quality premium image is generated. Alternatively, content can be modelled separately to showcase stand-alone 3D Still Renders. 3D Still Renders are useful when showcasing designs on websites, magazines, signage and other advertising platforms.

3D Still Renders

3D content can be integrated and viewed into the VR goggles to create a further element of realism for the viewer. By uploading the content into the VR goggles, the viewer can be immersed into the 3D environments generated for 360° tours, 360° realistic tours and animation videos, taking the experience beyond that viewed on smart devices.

The VR capabilities can further be used for displaying training content and inductions. Augmented reality capabilities are also able to be integrated to create a more interactive experience.

Virtual Reality (VR) Integration

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