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While working individually for many years, as brothers we would often discuss our observations of how dysfunctional and frustrating the design, planning approvals and builder engagement process could be. Time after time we would hear horror stories about the problems encountered with the designing or developing of residential houses, and the headaches of trying to find the right builder to bring designs to life.

After years of discussing how we would fix this broken process, we decided it was time to do something about it. Pooling our extensive experience of working in project management, design and planning approvals, we formed a business that would allow us to act as a single point of contact for our clients.

By keeping the project management, building design and approvals capabilities in-house, we are able to design accurately, and within our clients’ budgets. By carefully matching the best-suited builder to the project, we ensure the practical build considerations are taken into account throughout the design phase, giving the client the best possible design outcome for their budget.

Whilst we are passionate about producing high quality, bespoke designs for our clients, we are also more than happy to join projects at a later stage, and match clients who already have designs with our established builder network, thereby ensuring they have the best construction team for the unique demands of the job.

Our aim for every client’s project is simple: to minimise delays, increase quality and ensure that practical design considerations align with the best building methods.

Through years of delivering success stories via our proven design and builder engagement process, we have also developed an eye, and a passion, for sourcing profitable development opportunities on behalf of our clients.

We look forward to writing your chapter in the Urban & Co. Story!

Will & Tom


Founder | Director

Will is the man with the plan – and the skills to execute it on time, and on budget!

A qualified project manager with over a decade of experience, he has overseen a diverse portfolio of projects in Australia and Internationally within the construction and property development sectors.

It is this extensive experience that has helped Will develop the foolproof processes needed to successfully acquire land, source properties for development opportunities, and, crucially, select the right builder for every project.

The Mastermind behind the automated project management systems that set Urban & Co apart from the crowd, it is rumoured that in another life Will was a Swiss watchmaker, such is his attention to detail and ability to make every project run like clockwork…

And you can rest assured that his eagle eyes don’t miss a thing when it comes to the dollars either: with project finances critical to ensuring any project runs to schedule, Will carefully manages all project budgets to ensure a smooth outcome.


Founder | Director

From land acquisition, detailed designs and getting DA approval, to builder tendering and everything in between, Tom’s responsible for managing the quality and detail across the unique Urban & Co branding evident in all projects. While navigating the bureaucracy that comes with building homes is not most people’s idea of a good time, he is one of the few who enjoys the game, which is fortunate for you (especially as he’s very good at it.) In fact, it’s his extensive experience working in local government, prior to making the leap into the private sector, that has provided Tom with the insider’s know-how to interpret council controls in order to maximise the development potential for any site. By personally overseeing the design and planning approvals process on each project, he ensures that practical build considerations are taken into account throughout the design phase, and that clients achieve the very best design for their new home, within budget. Like a dog with a bone, Tom will not let up until he has obtained the best possible outcome from the relevant regulatory authorities. When you’re building a new home, you really want him on your side – which is lucky, because he is.



Captain & Dusty

Say hello to the Urban & Co Assistant Directors – Captain and Dusty. 

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