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After working individually for many years, we – Will & Tom – made the decision to pool our knowledge and experience to form an agency that could deliver unique, beautifully designed and affordable homes with a modern aesthetic.

Since then, we have been true to our aim; inspired & thoughtful spaces – designed & built that blend the design process with practical construction considerations and creative planning assessments. In doing so, we ensure the best possible outcome for your property.

We design each project and seamlessly meld the building and landscaping into living spaces that reflect your design brief. While each design is a unique work resulting from a close collaboration with the client, our distinctive touch is evident throughout.

Our work, even at the most modest scale, is characterised by simple forms, distinctive materials, an ambitious green agenda and an adherence to budget. This passion for affordable building design and creative planning manifests itself in the highly acclaimed homes we have created throughout the greater Sydney area, all the way up the eastern seaboard as far as Byron Bay.

We look forward to writing your chapter in the Urban & Co story.

Will & Tom


Founder | Director

Will is the man with the plan – and the skills to execute it on time, and on budget!

A qualified project manager with over a decade of experience, he has overseen a diverse portfolio of projects in Australia and Internationally within the construction and property development sectors.

It is this extensive experience that has helped Will develop the foolproof processes needed to successfully acquire land, source properties for development opportunities, and, crucially, select the right builder for every project.

The Mastermind behind the automated project management systems that set Urban & Co apart from the crowd, it is rumoured that in another life Will was a Swiss watchmaker, such is his attention to detail and ability to make every project run like clockwork…

And you can rest assured that his eagle eyes don’t miss a thing when it comes to the dollars either: with project finances critical to ensuring any project runs to schedule, Will carefully manages all project budgets to ensure a smooth outcome.


Founder | Director

Tom’s the man on the ground and, most importantly, he’s who you’ll be dealing with!

From land acquisition and getting DA approval, to builder tendering and everything in between, he’s responsible for managing the quality of all works for Urban & Co projects.

While navigating the bureaucracy that comes with building homes is not most people’s idea of a good time, he is one of the few who enjoys the game, which is fortunate for you (especially as he’s very good at it.)

In fact, it’s his extensive experience working in local government that has provided Tom with the insider’s know-how to interpret council controls in order to maximise the development potential for any site.

Like a dog with a bone, Tom will not let up until he has obtained the best possible outcome from the relevant regulatory authorities. When you’re building a new home, you really want him on your side – which is lucky, because he is.



Captain & Dusty

Say hello to the Urban & Co Assistant Directors – Captain and Dusty. 

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