Urban&Co are Designers who are passionate about creating spaces to live, work and visit. We are experts in the whole approval and construction process, from conception to completion.

Why Urban&Co?

Urban & co excels by utilising our extensive experience and expertise to accelerate your project through the design, planning and approval process.

Our ambitious team has delivered many projects of all sizes and complexities, for both independent and commercial clients.

If you have a concept for your site but aren’t sure of how to get it to the construction phase, don’t hesitate to give us a call

Knock Down Re-builds

Alterations and Additions

Dwelling Houses / Dual Occupancies

Commercial & Industrial Developments

Feasibility Studies

Statement of Environmental Effects

Development Applications / Complying Development Certificates

3D Renders

What we do

Property development requires extensive preparation and implemented processes before the first shovel of dirt is even turned on site. The nature of development means it often can be met with extended timelines due to the back-and-forth between architects, engineers, town planners and council.

Instead of consulting numerous experts individually, at Urban&co, we’re here to help you tackle the hassles and headaches typically experienced. Our integrated team are experts in their respected fields of designtown planning, interior design and project management.

Most importantly we can determine the viability and set up processes for your project internally, fast-tracking the approval process.

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