How 3D and VR visualisations of projects can increase off-the-plan sales

When you’re planning a new or renovated building it is both satisfying and incredibly reassuring to see your ideas ‘materialise’ in the form of designs and sketches from the building designer. Until that point, it’s difficult to feel confident that the ideas in your head have been communicated as you intended.

If you are planning a development of residential apartments or commercial units, however, the need to visualise the end product is even greater. Potential buyers and business tenants are far more likely to commit to a project that they can envision.

Though sketches and 2D floor plans can still play a role, in this day and age technology has enabled the best building designers to go several steps further to create realistic and immersive 3D visualisations of completed projects. For building owners looking to sell units off the plan, this is an immensely powerful capability, as it enables prospective buyers to not only see still images of what certain rooms might look like, but to explore every aspect and element from numerous angles and vantage points.

This latter capability is afforded via 360° Rendered Tours that enable viewers to immerse themselves in a realistic 3D environment that they can view via phone, smart device or, for an even more heightened experience, VR goggles. The viewer can select key viewpoints placed around the interior and exterior of each property to create a realistic 360° Tour of an as-yet-unbuilt premises, as if it already physically existed. Click here to view an example of a 360° Rendered Tour.

Although this level of visualisation is leaps and bounds from old-school building blueprints and sketches, it’s not the only tool that developers can use to aid in the selling of off-the-plan units. 3D animated videos enable an even greater level of detail and realism, with thousands of still 3D renders being merged together to create seamless flowing video actualisations which are further enhanced by highly realistic animated effects such as human and animal movement, breeze and pollen in the air, branches swaying in the wind, fire burning in fireplaces, and even moving cars. When viewing these videos via device or 3D googles, prospective buyers will no longer simply be imagining their potential future home or investment, they’ll be immersed in, and engaged with, it. Click here to view an example of a 3D animated video.

Of course, it’s not all about the moving image: still images also play an important role in marketing, and these can be created in the form of 3D Still Renders, which are panoramic snapshots adapted from 360° Rendered Tours and 3D Animation Videos. These 3D Still Renders are useful when showcasing designs on websites, magazines, signage and other advertising platforms where prospective buyers are not in a position to experience the more immersive options.

At Urban&Co our in-house building designers can create a large range of designs, from standard to bespoke, across residential, commercial and industrial dwellings and use our in-house software to model the entire project to scale. Every architectural structure, piece of equipment and all landscaping is individually sculpted to represent a lifelike appearance, with specific elements of lighting and texture even being taken into consideration.

Using real images and references, the exact colours and textures can be applied to the model. We then program each texture to reflect the sunlight in its true form, and apply shadowing to convince the human eye that what it is seeing is realistic. For those planning private residences, these 3D and VR capabilities are an exciting resource, and for commercial developers they are also an invaluable sales tool.

Call Urban&Co on 0409 111 699 or email to arrange your free initial development consultation.

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