Town planners are the key to fast-tracking your development approval

You’ve brought, or are seriously considering buying, a plot of land or an existing building with an eye to developing it. Congratulations, this could be the first step of a very exciting project! On the other hand, it could prove to be a monumentally expensive mis-step. How so?

The fact is, until you know exactly what you are and are not legally permitted to do with a property or site, you should not be investing in the services of architects, designers or landscaping planners. Yes, practicalities can be dream-dampeners, but better to find out and navigate your way around any obstacles in the early stages than to find yourself in the nightmare that can arise when council legislation and private developments don’t see eye-to-eye.

Different councils have different legislation with regards development, and what may apply in one street or to your acquaintance in a neighbouring suburb may not apply to your site, even if they appear to be very similar propositions. Heritage and environmental considerations, among other things, can also limit the scope of development and throw a spanner in even the most meticulously conceived works.

Fortunately, this headache scenario can be avoided by recruiting the services of a town planner who can thoroughly explore any potential legislation that might prevent you from developing the site in the way that you intend.

An experienced town planner has the know-how to immediately recognise any red flags or potential problems with a proposed development, as well as the skills to unearth any less obvious challenges. Once these have been identified, they can work to overcome them with minimal disruption to your original vision – and can even think outside the box to suggest amendments that enhance the original concept.

For most people, dealing with council legislation is right up with scraping their fingernails down a chalkboard in terms of unpleasant ways to spend their time. If council shoots down your vision, however, it needn’t be the final word. Where you hear ‘no’, a town planner can hear ‘try again’. Town planners have the skills, understanding and experience to negotiate changes to council requirements.

Because they take a wide-angle approach to every project, town planners are also in a position to offer guidance and suggestions with regards other areas of the project, such as the building design and landscaping. In this way, they can work with you, your architect and landscaper – as well as council – to achieve the best and most lucrative outcomes for your development.

With the assistance of a good town planner, it can usually take around 10 weeks to get DA approval for your development. These few weeks early in the game can save a lot of time and stress in the long term.

With intimate knowledge about the approval processes and regulatory requirements in both the public and private sectors, Urban&Co’s town planners work with council to ensure smooth, timely and efficient development approvals – delivering a pleasant experience for clients during what can otherwise be a very stressful time.

Call Urban&Co on 0409 111 699 or email to arrange your free initial development consultation.

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