town planning

Urban&Co are Town Planners who are passionate about the whole approval and construction process, from concept to completion. We work with Council to ensure smooth and efficient development approvals occur.

Our expertise


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Pre-Purchase Reports
  • Unapproved Works
  • Letters of Advice
  • Town Planning Advice
  • Neighbour objections
  • Development Control Assessment


  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Clause 4.6 Variations
  • Heritage Impact Statements
  • Plan of Management
  • Waste Management Plan
  • BASIX Certificates


  • Development Applications
  • Complying Development Certificates
  • Construction Certificates
  • Building Certificates
  • Section 4.55 Applications

With intimate knowledge about the approval processes and regulatory requirements, Urban & Co. provide a comprehensive Town Planning service. We ensure that the entire process is looked after from the beginning until the completion of the approval process, creating a pleasant experience for our clients through what can typically be a difficult time.

Our Town Planning capabilities have been gathered from previous experience in both working for council in the government sector, along with the private sector giving us the detailed knowledge on the planning and approval process.

Preparation of Statement of Environment Effects

Development Application Packages

Development Control Assessment

Project Manage Development Applications

Complying Development Certificate Packages and Management

Feasibility Studies

Tendering for Builders

Construction Certificate Management and Preparation


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We have a wealth of experience delivering projects of all sizes and complexities to both private and public sector clients.


Residential - Heritage Alterations & Additions

Bellevue Hill

Residential - Knockdown Rebuild


Commercial - Child Care Centre

North Bondi

Residential - Alterations & Additions

North Sydney

Commercial – The Terrace Hotel

Bellevue Hill

Residential - Alterations & Additions


Residential - Flat Building

Byron Bay

Residential - Knockdown Rebuild


Residential - Flat Building

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